Our vision is to see men and women set free through the application of Biblical principles as they cross over to become valued and active members of our community. 

RAIN Homes is a ministry that helps create networks of welcoming churches, employers and landlords who are willing to work with individuals in recovery. The goal is to enhance the lives of those affected by substance abuse – through faith-based housing options designed to instill hope, accountability, and self-reliance. RAIN has experienced a higher rate of success with collaborative efforts – when multiple organizations are focused on the same outcomes.

RAIN of North America is a faith-based network of aftercare homes that is now operating in the Upper Midwest – with Oaxaca, Mexico currently under development. Our ministry has and continues to partner with local communities that have extended an invitation requesting assistance in operating residential homes that utilize a peer-to-peer model and have also shown a desire to partner with folks that have struggled with substance abuse. RAIN’s involvement is during the start-up phase and lasts approximately two years before a home is considered locally owned, locally operated and locally supported – and joins the network.


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